A blind dog was given a home by a kind family, who also took in his trusty guide cat

The most common method in which cats and dogs cannot cohabit is clear, but there are exceptions to this rule, and our own experiences are among them.

Max the cat and Spike the dog are best friends, but Max is Spike’s gatekeeper and guide since Spike is blind.

They found refuge in a home together in one of Canada’s little communities. The previous owner was unable to maintain either, therefore they were taken from them.

An elderly guy who confined animals to a walled-off section of the city.

When locals observed the beasts, they contacted the animal insurance department. Before the officials departed, they noticed a couple visibly shake from the cold.

They were transported to a shelter in the hopes of finding kind owners there.

Pictures of friends were put on all social media platforms to make their stand out, as well as shared among a huge pool of candidates depending on the total amount of people who access the Internet.

They went to the region’s wise ruler, who offered them shelter, medical care, and, most crucially, contact with other people.

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