They had been married for 64 years when they passed away hand-in-hand

Reading about the Winstead family’s past brings emotion. Shortly after beginning a relationship with Dolores, Trent Winstead was conscripted into the military.

After receiving her letter, he repeated the phrase «very delighted to hear from her» 12 times. Dolores was brushing her teeth when he popped the question. Trent feared taking any kind of a gamble.

Irent’s restless spirit meant he seldom remained in the same spot for more than a few days at a time. He was employed in industry, while she was engaged in academic life as an English professor.

After retiring, they spend their time watching the news on weeknights and attending church on Sundays.

He kissed her unexpectedly and started calling her «mother,» or Eileen, before dancing with her on their trip. Their daughter Cheryl finds him «very appealing,» despite his apparent lack of sophistication.

Every passing day only served to strengthen their bond. Trent favored self-care above medical attention. It was a relief to have his reassurance.

Dolores’ children attempted to protect her from hearing the bad news, but she understood that their father was in danger.

Dolores stayed at her husband’s side during his whole hospital stay. One night, she became ill from stressing about Trent.

She said she had never considered ending the marriage. After holding her, she fell asleep. In fact, no one was aware of the situation until her child failed to wake her.

Experts were baffled by the suddenness and absence of a discernible explanation of the incident. Trent’s kids said a terrible event has occurred, but he didn’t believe them. The nurse comforted him by bringing him to his wife.

As their illnesses deteriorated, medical staff moved the couple into the same room. olores’ breathing stopped as a result of the stress of being locked up together.

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