The happy marriage has satisfied the overweight woman, therefore she has no motivation to slim down

Obesity is detrimental to everyone’s health, but women are at a higher risk because of it. They have been on a strict diet and fitness regimen to help them lose weight.

One notable example is Amalia Jennings, a curvy woman who is pleased in her marriage and has no desire to lose weight.

She had a problem with her weight ever since she was a kid. She was often the target of ridicule and insults in the classroom and the playground.

She was an emotional wreck for the most of her formative years, and even eating was a source of stress for her. This factored significantly towards her sustained expansion in size.

He was, nevertheless, afforded several chances to have fun. After corresponding with her lover Sean through email for a year, she managed to meet him in person.

Some of the issues they planned to discuss overlapped. Sean was aware that his girlfriend needed to lose weight, but he loved her regardless of her appearance.

They decided to start a new life together by getting married after a particularly intense evening spent together.

Sean’s choice caused his parents so much distress that they stopped talking to one another and eventually lost contact with him.

Amalia was overjoyed since the quality time spent together is so essential to her husband, and she knows he appreciates being in her presence.

When it comes to her own beliefs, she is unaffected by the opinions of others.

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