The cat sensed her owner was expecting before she did, and she immediately started getting ready for the arrival of the baby

A young lady named Samantha Smith once chose to adopt a cat. She was not interested in purchasing a show-quality kitten. She considered adopting an animal from a rescue group.

Luna does her best to be at her owner’s side at all times, and she is sweet, cuddly, and fluffy about it.

My pet and I have a special bond. Evidently, she has a soft spot in her heart for me. Even those who aren’t usually fond of cats seem to like spending time with Luna, as Samantha put it.

The fluffy beauty didn’t need much time to figure out that Samantha was waiting for a restock because of how close they are. The cat followed Samantha around constantly for the duration of the whole year.

Luna was incredibly kind and caring. And just before the baby was born, she started getting the home ready for a new renter.

The cat’s pregnancy had progressed to the sixth month, and she had taken to making piles of random things each night.

Because of this, something like a nest was produced, with enough room for a mother and her young.

The longer the period, the more frequent her trips to these spots became. Samantha writes, «I told Luna every day how much I appreciated the attention she was giving me.»

The fact that this occurred every night at 4:50 p.m. became the most intriguing discovery. In the same time frame, Samantha also gave birth, and now she’s certain that Luna was aware of it.

When Luna finally met her new renter, a boy, she was overjoyed despite the long wait. The animal is still getting acclimated to the kid, but she’s starting to trust him more.

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