She got a cat, but it grew to almost wolf-sized proportions

Maria bought a kitten from a flea market. An anomaly was discovered after a month of observation: The cat had become excessively large.

For the first time in almost a year, the animal seemed to be protesting quietly in the late hours.

Compared to other cats, Barsik was a typical feline. He yearned for food and sleep more than any of the other cats left. Maria kept a journal of this over a period of growth.

After that, the cat began to mature. He weighed 10 kg at the age of one. 15 pounds later, he had grown to approximately 1 1/2 meters in length, six months after the event.

Yes, he consumes a lot of food. Whatever the case may be, we’ll find a way to deal with it. Even though it was late in the evening, I was annoyed by Barsik’s scowls.

Maria described him as if he were not a cat, but rather a wolf. However, they have already begun to investigate the kind of dog that snarls at the door in the dark.

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