The good Samaritan who took in the blind cat quickly developed feelings for his new pet

It didn’t take long for the new family to warm up to the lovable kitty. A local resident known only as «Pinky» found a blind cat and took her to the animal shelter.

She seems unconcerned by the fact that her vision is poor. She was abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

Since then, she’s been raised by a volunteer named Hanna who looked after her until she was old enough to be adopted.

Despite Pinky’s complete blindness, Hanna claimed that she looked great. She was always kind and friendly.

She took the chance to enter the home at once. Posts about Pinky’s suffering were made on social media in an effort to locate a suitable forever home for her.

Thankfully, a loving couple heard Pinky’s tale and fell in love with her right away, even though they had never seen her in person.

Fortunately, Pinky has found a home that can provide the specialised care she requires.

Upon first meeting her new owners, Pinky took to them immediately and thrived under their care, which only served to further cement the relationship between them.

From this vantage point on her father’s shoulders, she carefully planned her next step.

The new house is comfortable for all of Pinky’s kittens. Seriously, it was a great recounting of events.

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