Meet the guy who has helped tens of thousands of animals regain their ability to walk again
Sam Capana, 44, has had a profound impact on the lives of around 36,000 animals. He founded the Pets organization and began producing artificial limbs that allow animals
A newborn orphaned elephant seeks comfort and love from a new herd after losing his mother
In spite of their immense size, elephants are an important danger to humankind. Infants are often praised for their kindheartedness and witty demeanor. An orphaned elephant is taken
Albino elephant child rescued from snare is beaming with relief after being confined for days
The number of animals in need is so great that there will never be an end to rescue tales. A helpless elepahnt was apparently trapped in a snare
A ill young elephant who had been abandoned by his herd received solace and inspiration from a retired service dog
Elephants are well-known for having a keen mind. They’re also very sociable creatures, and as a result, the herd is doing well. An elephant named Ellie was rejected
A sick juvenile elephant is comforted by a retired military dog after being abandoned by his herd
Elephants are revered for their sage wisdom.As a result, their flock is thriving. The herd of elephants that Ellie belonged to had abandoned him due to his condition.
Tourists are entertained by newborn elephants in a «nursery»
Animals above the age of six cannot perform tricks for the amusement of the public. Calves are removed from their mothers at the age of two by Animal
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