Meet the guy who has helped tens of thousands of animals regain their ability to walk again

Sam Capana, 44, has had a profound impact on the lives of around 36,000 animals.

He founded the Pets organization and began producing artificial limbs that allow animals to walk once again. He formed the Pets organization.

Sam’s interest in animal limbs was sparked 18 years ago when a lady who wanted one for her Labrador, Unnie, visited his studio where he created arms and legs.

Despite the fact that he had never previously produced limbs for dogs, the guy didn’t turn his back on the lady who asked him to do so.

In less than a week, he fashioned Unnie a brand-new paw that was perfectly suited to him.As a result of his success, Sam was inspired to learn more about the process of creating animal prosthetics.

Pets was the name of his company, which he formed after working with veterinarians around the nation to develop experience.

Because some of the prosthetic limbs were so difficult to manufacture, the guy had to recreate the animal paw models many times.

He finally achieved his goal. If you have a dog, don’t expect miracles on the first day of wearing a prosthesis since animals, like people, require time to acclimate to new limbs.

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