The only way to get an orphaned newborn elephant to stop sobbing and go to sleep is to sing him a lullaby

It’s easy to empathize with the two orphaned newborn elephants. Losing their mother was especially difficult since elephants are such social, sensitive, and intelligent creatures.

A kind person who understands the worth of compassion — and a lullaby — helped them obtain some much-needed sleep and calm.

Young orphan elephants like these were cared for at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand’s Chang Mai.

The center’s primary mission is elephant rescue, although it also helps animals of other kinds.

Some of its goals include protecting natural areas and spreading relevant knowledge.

wO Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, the facility’s founder, is known for his skill in calming the elephants.

Lek grew up in a remote community two hours north of Chang Mai, where he learnt how to care for animals.

Her grandpa, a traditional healer, would sometimes be given s or s animals by grateful patients. They needed her help, and he encouraged her to provide it.

Since then, Lek has spent decades of her life advocating for the safety of elephants and other animals, winning the adulation and respect of people all around the globe.

Lek makes «Que Sera, Sera» the perfect elephant lullaby by transforming a particularly tranquil rendition. The newborn elephant she was soothing nuzzled her face with its trunk.

After one of them lays down and falls asleep, the other follows suit.

It’s clear that Lek places a high priority on the physical and mental well-being of the elephants in her care, in addition to the basics like food and water.

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