Safari-goers rush to the aid of a wounded elephant after hearing his cries for assistance

As intelligent creatures go, elephants are among the best. Due to extraordinary intelligence and capacity for learning.

In Zimbabwe, physicians were shocked whenever an elephant approached them.

Instantaneously, they realized something was amiss. It seemed like the elephant wanted something, but no one could figure out what.

The medical staff braced themselves in case the animal became aggressive, but ultimately decided it wasn’t necessary to do so.

When the elephant came close, the doctors knew immediately what had happened.

The elephant, later given the moniker Pretty Boy, was in excruciating pain from a gunshot wound to the head before he was ever exposed to humans.

With a bullet to the head, the elephant’s chances of survival were slim. Thank God they realized what to do. X-rays show that the bullet was fired too high.

He knew that if he shot the poacher in the head, he would be dead. The bullet was removed after anesthetic was injected into Pretty Boy.

They were able to treat his brain injury from a bullet such that it no longer threatened his life. It is said that elephants have perfect memories.

A rescued elephant like this one never forgets their heroes.

Pretty Boy has an exceptional capacity to tell the difference between trustworthy doctors and criminal poachers. The intuition of an elephant is unparalleled.

The next time Pretty Boy encounters a monster, he should go elsewhere.He is aware of where to go for help.

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