An unexpected passenger, a dog, joins the bus, surprising the driver

A bit of an oddball traveler was invited to Finland by Hicham, a Moroccan driver, to join them on their transport course.

On his way to his final destination, the guy saw a charming fleecy dog lazily ambling down the roadside in the shadows.

Hicham slowed down and opened the vehicle door to see whether he was lost. What the guy had thought was a welcome for his dog turned out to be an invitation to a free visit.

Although the van was quite empty at the time, the dog insisted on sitting next to the kind driver who had stopped to assist him.

Since the dog was unable to make a decision without second-guessing himself, his handler made the call.

Shortly after the dog’s travel adventure, it was determined that he had really left the house a couple of hours earlier than expected.

The guy stopped his car to make sure it was safe, which brought together the man’s anxious family and the dreaming dog.

Fortuitously, the incident may be remembered by everybody as an amazing and fascinating story, and Hicham will never forget his stalwart furry journey companion.

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