Tourists are entertained by newborn elephants in a «nursery»

Animals above the age of six cannot perform tricks for the amusement of the public.

Calves are removed from their mothers at the age of two by Animal Care employees.

«Nursery,» where the camp’s newborn calves are shown, is a crucial precursor to the camp’s exhibition area, says a facility administrator.

More than a dozen elephants take part in these daily shows, which are given by the same troupe of performers in different locations.

With their ears, the animal caretakers created pictures on the table. A variety of strategies are used by elephants to score goals.

According to Ms Jones, elephants confront physical and near-home endurance hurdles to participate in rides, parades, and displays.

Maesa Elephant Nursery’s plan to connect with these vulnerable baby elephants horrified me, and I expressed my displeasure to our tour guide.

Using elephants as a marketing tool or for personal gain might become criminal if businesses are barred from participating.

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