Pictures of some of the oldest horses ever taken

These rare horses are said to be among the world’s oldest and most aesthetically pleasing creatures.

Rare horse breeds have such a rich and storied past that they exude an ineffable but perceptible vitality to everyone who is fortunate enough to see their beauty.

An American wildlife photographer who was especially interested in capturing horses set up camp. His mission was to photograph the world’s oldest and wildest horses in a way that had never been done before.

He had specially prepared equipment to guarantee that he would never miss a chance to capture these magnificent animals on film.

The photographer spent almost an entire summer in outlying areas of the nation, always on the lookout for photo opportunities.

These pictures have such a compelling quality that you can’t help but stare at them. Take a peek at it, that’s all.

Every photograph of a wild animal has the potential to tell a fascinating tale. Their otherworldly aspect is due not just to their regal features but also to their untamed hair and ancient, rebellious souls.

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