A dog that likes riding on the back of a rescue horse forms a bond with the horse
A puppy called Dilly and a little horse named Spinky create an immediate relationship in this wonderful story. As soon as it arrived at the ranch, the horse
Let’s find out who a little child considered to be her closest friend
Katy has such a deep appreciation for horses that he refuses to consider a world without them, even keeping a few as roommates. The girl and her horse
Retirement at age 40 for a racehorse and retirement at age 58 for a man both give each other hope for the future and a cause to keep on living
Donnie Macadams, 58 at the time, was an avid horseman who really cared for his horse, Waco. After their first meeting in 2008, they continued to spend time
A special wheelchair has given hope to a young horse born with a disability so that she may finally trot and gallop
A tiny horse born without hind legs has been given the opportunity to go around again with the help of a custom-built wheelchair. Tulip is a shelter regular.
When sickness forced the amputation of the small horse’s hind legs, doctors fitted it with specially made wheels that allow it to gallop
Since he is a little horse, Little Turbo has had trouble moving about for his whole life. The horse was hobbling because his rear legs were ineffective. However,
The rescued best friends, a horse and a goose, are hoping to be adopted as a unit
In the animal domain, there are numerous tales of extraordinary interspecies partnerships, but this one takes the cake. This heartwarming tale will put a smile on your face
The black-spotted dog, pony, and horse captivate the imaginations of onlookers everywhere
Everybody is shocked by their outlandish physical appearance. They look so much alike, it’s possible they’re twins. This group has amazing chemistry. Because of their striking likeness, they’re
Spectacular species from all across the globe
When you look at the photographs of this pony, which has been dubbed «the most beautiful pony on the globe,» you realize just how mesmerizing creature life can
Unusual friendship: the cat rides on the back of the horse and supports it in coping with stress
Seals leap on sofas, trees and fences, but have you at any point observed soft seals bounce on konyachki? A feline called Morris understands the rudiments of horseback
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