A veterinarian was affectionately referred to by stray kittens as «Mom» after taking care of them
While walking around the streets of New York City one rainy day, three kittens were spotted. The kittens were cared for by veterinarian Sam, a young man in
A guy acquired an aging dog with the aim of enabling her to live out her days, but you won’t believe what transpired
Zachary Scow, one of the volunteer organization’s co-founders, discovered an old dog called Henny. Scow took in 17-year-old Henny in order to secure a nice older age. Zachary
Tinga, the cat Smith adopted as a stray 10 years ago, has demanded his father’s affection every morning before he leaves for work
Jack’s daughter breastfed and expected to nurture the kid for the rest of her life. Tinga remained with her father, who was working for a construction company at
His pit bull companion, who is 17 years old and has gone blind, has taken to accompanying him everywhere he goes
Hela Helfer last saw Tiyu four months ago, and he was in a terrible state. A New York shelter took him in when his previous owner’s health worsened
In need of help, the Golden Retriever took on the role of mother
The number of stray animals is increasing all across the world. Good people from all around the world are responding to calls for help with this rapidly spreading
It’s a thrill for tigers that have spent their whole lives in captivity to finally be allowed to swim
When a pair of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo for the first time, this beautiful scenario unfolded. Cati and Lilo were rescued from a zoo in
This cat’s 31st birthday was a complete surprise to her when she adopted him in 1990
Rubba, the «Oldest Cat on the Planet,» has arrived! In her 31st year, Rubba is a beautiful British cat. In May of 1990, a ginger-and-white cat was discovered
Rescue of a lost dog after 32 days in the woods is the subject of this true tale
Pavel Kaluzyak and his dog Gusion went for a walk in the forest near their house in Poland at the beginning of February. Gucio was able to run
Do you think Pit bulls are good with newborns because of their intelligence and friendliness?
Pit bulls and danger have become interwoven in the minds of many people. A lot of parents tell their kids to stay away from these hangouts. This isn’t
Among the litter of seven kittens that belonged to a one-year-old Labrador Retriever
Seven cats were rescued from the streets of the city and sent to the Batteisea repilation for cats and dogs in London by volunteers. The kittens need continual
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