The sweetest explanation ever exists for why the dog is so adamant about going swimming with Dad

Naro’s favourite family activity in the Netherlands is going on trips with his mom and dad. The cute dog is always up for some action, whether it hiking or aquatic activities.

The presence of water may strike fear into the hearts of even the most intrepid adventurers.

So when Naro feels anxious, his dad gives him a bear hug since that’s the best way he knows how to show his support.

Alex thinks Naro likes squishy time because he wants to feel secure, protect his loved ones, and, well, be cherished.

While swimming is something that Naro likes and is good at, he really feels the most secure when he is near one of us.

When swimming, «he hates it when one of us is far off» because «he fears we’re in danger.» We give each other plenty of bear hugs, and I think it helps him feel safe.

The cuddly, curious dog enjoys playing pick up games and exploring the wide world when he’s not swimming. «He likes to keep an eye on everyone and everything,» Alex said.

«He has a wide network of friends since he is so sociable. The two of us are absolutely intertwined, as Alex put it. I admire him…» I guess you could say he’s the man of my dreams.

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