A lady saves a life when she takes action after finding an odd ball of fur beneath a tree

Someone kind found Pet hiding out in the woods. Few humans were out and about, and the anxious animal was all by itself.

Afraid to make the animal more anxious than he already was, the lady snapped a snapshot of it from a distance and then uploaded it online in an effort to find his family.

The lady did not bother to find his mother and father, but rather, she located a rescuer to save her son.

Upon Haly’s arrival, «he was waiting beneath the tree, peering out towards the road,» Haly said. «He seemed to be on the hunt for his human.

«Haly made an effort to approach the dog, but the canine bolted to a remote part of the field. The sun started to fall, illuminating Haly’s worst fears.

Eventually, the dog started going around and around the traps. After waiting outside for a while, he made it inside where he was out of harm’s way.

When Haly got the dog in the vehicle, she fed him. «He was so cute, we fell asleep in my automobile together that night.»

Pet is still in a foster home, where he gets plenty of cuddle time with his new mom and their other pets.

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