Homeless dogs who have been reunited with their owners express their joy

Camron and Ema, a sibling pair, stayed together after their owner left them in a secure area.

Suzete, founder of the rescue centre, learned about Ema and Camron from the kind woman who had been feeding them many times a day for the previous two weeks.

When she contacted, «we were in the thick of the most extreme hot summer with rainfalls,» Hal said. The fact that they were still present really surprised me. «Nothing more than a couple of fibs,» they said.

Even though they had a vast national park to explore, the fact that the two dogs stayed close by one other and refused to go out on their own shows how close they are.

Therefore, Hal chose to branch out and experiment.

She pulled out a gear called a Snappy Snare, which can be used to trap a dog by the neck without causing any discomfort, and began talking to one of the dogs in an effort to win his trust.

She intended to snare one of the dogs with the Snappy Snare and then steal the other.

Certainly, they have the ability to do so. In the days after their vet appointments, the pups were put with a foster family who lived nearby.

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