A good dog waits patiently in the garden every day to provide a thoughtful gift to a human companion

Maise loves to lay in the front yard sun when she’s feeling melancholy. In fact, the 4-year-old golden retriever is doing more than just taking a walk.

She has someone really important to visit, and she always comes prepared with a present.

Until one morning when a neighbour named Tony comes over with his walker, Maise always picks the same area in the garden closest to her home.

In the course of Tony’s regular strolls, the two built an uncommon friendship.I’ve known Tony for a long time, as Spelman put it: »Tony and I have been pals.

When the weather prevented me from seeing the elderly man on his daily stroll, I would regularly phone his house to see how he was doing.

Since Tony can now travel about on his own, Maise has set up her own schedule in the hopes of seeing him more often.

I really like the way they interact with each other, Spelman remarked. It’s been shown that «people are much happier after seeing Tony and Maise’s films.»

No matter what the day may hold, Maise knows she’ll soon be reunited with her best buddy. And whether or not the leaves provide their gifts, it will always be the perfect time.

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