What’s the reason for the animal’s new room?

It’s like being in a heavenly place. The lives of Peaches, Chalah, and Mitzi are very good, thank you very much. They have plenty of room to run and play, a father who loves them endlessly, and a canine parlor that is finer than most normal parlors.

Mazer should have kept working and not taken his adorable puppy home with him.

To prevent them from wandering into anything inappropriate, he turned his visiting room into a lounge where they could relax whenever he needed to go out of the house for a while.

The plans for the lounge area were simple from the beginning. A few potted plants and some little canapés are all that’s needed.

Right now the room features an aquarium, TV, fireplace, bookshelves, a lamp, and nightstands and pads for the comfort of the three little Mazer pups. bookshelves

Mazer recently made improvements to the facility in preparation for these festive times, and it now looks just stunning.

While the canines seem unconcerned, the play has evolved into a constant magnificent source of both agony and ecstasy for him.

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