As reported by the local news station, a stray cat discovered dead in front of the hospital was revived by a doctor in the emergency department

This extraordinary story has some magical elements. The cute little cat got into a bit of trouble. All the trouble began when this darling went through the revolving door to enter the hospital.

The person leaving the hospital at the moment the cat became trapped didn’t see the cat wedged between the glass and the door jamb.

The CCTV video shows the cat’s unfortunate predicament as it becomes imprisoned. One of the doctors who watched what occurred was Haili, who works in emergency care at the facility.

Since the cat’s neck got stuck, it was tough to free it.

The doctor tried to remove the cat from its perch by placing his hand on the back of his head, but nothing happened.

At the opportune time, the cat was treated with oxygen and other necessary measures.

With time, the cat’s condition gradually improved. The cat’s life was rescued at the last second thanks to the kindness of a good Samaritan.

What made the situation so amazing was that the person was there when it mattered.

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