As a married couple, they have Down syndrome for the same amount of time they have been together as they have been together: 22 years

Marriage is difficult. Reading about another famous Hollywood couple’s breakup just reinforces the perception that love is short-lived. Is it unusual to find a well-rounded tale these days?

Those with severe disabilities frequently face the stigma of being deemed unmarryable. Individuals with Down syndrome face discrimination and doubts about their financial stability because of the stigma they carry.

Maryanne and Tommy Pilling became the first couple in the world to get married after both having Down syndrome when they did so in the United Kingdom.

They claimed to have been married in an Essex church, but locals weren’t convinced. Two of the weddings included individuals with Down syndrome.

Many others warned them against getting married, stating that their feelings for one other were just fleeting. Despite the odds, they were able to tie the knot. Finally, in 2017, they celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Tommy and Maryanne dated for 18 months before the latter proposed at a daycare center. Their 22-year marriage was celebrated by millions of people online.

The pair had their first sexy dance on their anniversary. Ignoring the onlookers, they danced well together.They spend some time together, get to know one another, and decide that marriage is the best choice for them.

«Maryanne and Tommy’s story may bring hope to those who are apprehensive about their own children or grandkids with Down syndrome,» she said.

Managing the couple’s Facebook presence is Maryanne’s sister. The couple’s Facebook page is full with adorable photos of them having fun together.

Both an aquarium and an Elvis museum appear in the photographs, suggesting that the pair has a wide range of interests. Numerous individuals offer their congratulations and warmest wishes.

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