A homeless cat visiting the zoo for sustenance befriended a lynx there

Can wild and tamed animals ever get along? So far, it seems such is the case. The fact that they share a species increases the likelihood that they will be able to communicate effectively.

At one time, a stray cat from St. Petersburg went on a feeding frenzy around the city. That day, she had a lot of luck. She succeeded in locating not just sustenance but also a companion.

Stubs were not all the cat found in the garbage can. Lucky for the cat, there were many huge pieces of cow carcass that he could eat.

All this tasty stuff was discovered by her in the lynx’s cage at the zoo. It seemed as if the meat’s owner would go crazy if she discovered an intruder was dining on her flesh.

Incredibly, the larger cat refrained from attacking the smaller one.

Either she recognized the stray cat as a kindred spirit, or she understood that no one feeds the poor animal and it is starving to death.

Since becoming friends, the cat visits her often. She eats every meal of the day with her. Further, the cat is warming up by resting on the lynx since it is warmer inside the aviary than outdoors.

As a result, the stray cat licks her hair.The zookeepers also took note of the cat. So that the legitimate owner wouldn’t go hungry, they upped her allotted daily meat rations.

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