With 26 more weddings to go, this woman has now tied the knot 24 times to the same man. Figure out why it makes sense

One of the nurses at the hospitals is named Leah Trageser. She has recently been married and has gracefully accepted congrats.

A marriage was announced between George Humphrey and the lady.

Not everything is as straightforward as the nurse marrying the same man twenty-four times in a row.She has the need to tie 26 more knots but has no intention of stopping.

We have a unique family custom of getting married once a year. It all started with a public declaration of love in front of extended family.

After that, young people secretly tied the knot. This is why we had to organise a second ceremony. Two official papers, representing several states, were secured by the couple.

It was at that time that young people started wondering why they shouldn’t have weddings somewhere new every year. Almost immediately, Leah and George began carrying out their plan.

We’re perpetual newlyweds, but it doesn’t make our marriage flimsy. By renewing our pledges to one another annually, we are able to deepen our bonds with one another.

This is a great opportunity to reevaluate your values and rekindle your love for your partner, the lady advises.

There is a trend toward holding themed parties for large numbers of guests after conventional wedding ceremonies.

You may unwind with good friends while getting fresh perspectives.

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