While searching for a new home, a mother cat and her three kittens found a suitable one

When a rescue group was contacted, there were four cats in need of foster homes. An elderly couple’s property was invaded by a stray cat.

It was unfortunate that two of the kittens were not feeling well. Mother cat did her best to keep them in check.

When the mother’s eye recovered, it was revealed that she was entirely blind and lacking the typical eye tissue. To ensure the safety of her pups, the mother cat gave her life.

They were able to regain their appetites thanks to the shelter’s cozy accommodations and on-site medical treatment.

She maintained a careful eye on the cats as they were taken out of her immediate vicinity to be inspected by veterinarians.

The kitten’s mother is always in need of their love and attention.

As soon as she wants her head massaged, she’ll bend her head, and as soon as she wants her stomach stroked, she’ll flip her tummy over.

The mother cat and her adorable offspring are thriving at the shelter.

The kittens have reached a number of developmental milestones and are beginning to develop distinct personalities at the age of around a month.

She will have access to the best possible eye care and a permanent home, so she will never again have to worry about food or housing.

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