When Gere, who is 73 years old, was spotted on vacation with a «youngster,» people made jokes about how old he is and referred to him as a «elderly guy»

He had already reached the age of 41 when production on «Pretty Woman» began. In spite of this, this hero has a large number of female supporters all around the globe.

It has been said that the actor is «handsome,» «brutal,» and «every girl’s fantasy.» These are just some of the favorable words that have been used to describe him.

The actor turned 73 years old this year, and if the photographs taken by the paparazzi are any indicator, he does not look anything like Hollywood’s portrayal of Edward Lewis.

The actor was shot by photographers when he was on vacation, and the photos reveal that he had gained weight and developed a slouched posture during the course of that time.

Among the feedback provided by users is the phrase, «Time flies,» «It seems like it’s been forty years only lately,» the speaker said.

«And the figure is normal, just a little belly,» and «A magnificent performance,» are some of the things that others have said about him. «For me, he’s still the same, but grayer.»

Who is this lady, and what age is he? 39, it would seem. A devastating blow to charisma. He became gray quite quickly and by the time he was 40, he was already gray.

Are you a fan of the actor, and do you believe that he has changed much from the first time you saw him?

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