This miner was so dirty that he nevertheless brought his son to the ball game after a long day at the mine

There’s been a lot of buzz online about a picture from a recent Kentucky basketball game.

A devoted viewer was seen holding their little kid. His work outfit was filthy, and coal dust had caked on his hands and face.

After a long day of labor as a miner, Dad took his kid to the game without even giving him a bath. In the world of technology, he became a household name.

The Internet has been flooded with a fan-taken snapshot from a recent show or performance.

The photo became viral when it was shared again by John Calipari.John explained the displayed information.

He want to be in the same room with his kid for the big game. The miner had no opportunity to shower and change.

He was caked with muck. The coach gave the fan prime seating after the game.

Molly said that the snapshot included her then-husband Michael McGuire and their then-three-year-old son Easton.

He went on to say that he will be taking his son to a basketball game for the first time.

Molly and her husband took their child to the arena to wait for the miner since he was running late.

The soot completely covered his face and made it seem black. Because he was too worn out to do anything else, he smiled at his kid.

He jumped up on his dad’s lap and embraced him tightly. Sue told the media that they always had a positive attitude.

The internet was moved by a tale of a fatigued father who brought his kid to a basketball game despite not feeling well. According to Molly, «He’s the finest dad in the world.»

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