This bald youngster was overwhelmingly chosen as the Wild Hair Day champion by the seventh grade class

Many individuals, both men and women, take pleasure in their hair. The tragedy of baldness will cause great grief.

The youngster had the concept, but on the school’s designated «crazy hair day,» her kind mother gave her the most outrageous haircut possible.

Gianessa Wride, at age 7, and her mother Daniella were together for a whole year. As she combed her daughter’s hair, Daniella saw the thinning and the quarter-sized bald spot.

Gianessa’s hair fell off in a matter of weeks. Autoimmune alopecia is what Dr. Gianessa has been told she has.

Both mom and daughter were given prescriptions for oral, injectable, and potent topical steroid medications. In order to save her kid the potential harm of the therapy, Daniella said no.

Meeting Daniella helped her come to terms with her physical and mental health. Nurse Daniella from Salem, Utah, shared her family’s story of dealing with alopecia with the class.

She cautioned Gianessa’s classmates to be on guard against bullies who may not appreciate the seriousness of her daughter’s situation.

Daniella’s dress for her kid was sparked by some jewel-shaped stickers she acquired while out shopping. Daniella adorned Gianessa’s noggin with owls and flowers in the form of stickers.

Gianessa won first place that day for her outrageous hairdo. That she is still herself despite the hair loss was a relief to her.

As a trainer for those who suffer from alopecia, Gianessa stresses the value of accepting and embracing oneself despite the disease.

I have received several emails including pictures of people with alopecia. The children benefited from her positive reinforcement because it increased their sense of worth.

Daniella went on, saying she hoped people would take away a message of hope and realize they are beautiful no matter their appearance or circumstances.a

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