There are real-life Supermen among us, and one of them invested $16,000 (over 16 years) to resemble the Man of Steel

With the goal of becoming the Filipino version of Superman, Herbert Chavez has undergone a transformation that has rendered him unrecognizable to his loved ones.

In his quest to seem less like a dark-skinned Asian and more like a blue-eyed superman, he has already had 23 cosmetic surgeries.

In reality, Chavez spent the whole of his life (a full 22 years) fighting for the cause. The guy has already reached the ripe old age of 41.

Is he going to be able to keep playing Superman so young for much longer? If he looks hard enough, may he discover who he really is? Just a rhetorical question…

A beer belly is the one obstacle that our hero cannot clear. Chavez even consulted a plastic surgeon for aid. Both of these pieces of advice came from the latter.

The risks of liposuction and abdominal implant surgery are real.

Another quick fix notion he had to give up on was trying to get taller. Simply said, in comic books, a hero is substantially taller than 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm).

The guy paid $7,000 for an appearance, when the national average wage in the Philippines is just $1.4 per hour.

Due to his humble upbringing, the guy is reluctant to discuss how he earned his money for all of these ventures. His mom is a food seller and his dad drives a rickshaw in Calamba.

The guy is now employed as a children’s animator because he enjoys making young audiences laugh and fill them with optimism.

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