The panda-like cat, named Marie, who was found abandoned in a box in Spain, is doing OK

This baby was found in a box where it had apparently been abandoned. The natural beauty of the animal was the first draw for many who came to its aid.

She and her two brothers were adopted by the workers of the ADAC Cerdanyola animal sanctuary in Spain.

Premature infants were found in a box. By the time they were two or three weeks old, they probably weighed barely a pound at most.

One of the volunteers named Olga got right to work taking care of the kids. They need immediate acute treatment in the event of an emergency.

We don’t know how long they were in there, but the box was moist and dirty,» Olga says.  Marie, the only baby not born with a panda face, was the lone survivor out of three.

She hung on for dear life while her guardians tried all they could. In her newfound health, Marie transformed into a doting pet. She would cling to Olga and demand attention after every meal.

The lonesome kitten quickly gained several new friends. Two additional kittens were fostered by Olga. They began spending time together and eventually became Marie’s closest pals.

The panda cat is settling in well to her new temporary home, where she has acquired some new pals.Marie will eventually seek a permanent residence and a loving family to call her own.

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