The most incredible piece of public art: a 94-year-old man painted his hamlet to prevent its destruction

Preventing the damage of your house and neighborhood. The government planned to knock down the historic homes, but the elderly guy had other ideas.

To bring attention to the issue, the 94-year-old Taiwanese had no better idea than to decorate his community with numerous patterns.

A 1920s baby, Huang Yong-Fu was born in that decade. About 40 years ago, he uprooted his life and settled in a remote hamlet in Taiwan.

At one point, the people were informed that their community was going to be razed and that they would all get monetary compensation. As soon as they saw the money, all the locals fled.

Despite this, Huang Yong-Fu had no plans to leave his house. He spent a period of time in this village all by himself.

Juan became restless due of his isolation. Once, he went out into the street and painted his house’s wall. Additional examples of this trend started appearing over time.

When neighbors passed away, the elderly guy would likewise paint their homes.The freshly painted walls were captured on camera and uploaded to the web.

Huang’s artworks gained the attention of art critics and activists, who helped bring the man’s plight into the spotlight.

The number of sightseers visiting the town has skyrocketed in recent years.

As a result of the efforts of activists and students, the town is still standing and is now recognized as one of Taiwan’s top tourist attractions.

The town got its name, Rainbow, from the vivid and out-of-the-ordinary artwork that adorned its buildings. yearly, it draws in excess of a million guests.

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