The identical twins’ varied skin tones and facial characteristics were the result of a congenital anomaly. Now that they’re older, it seems like this is how they naturally are

A common misconception is that twins share a physical appearance and personality traits.

Even though they may have somewhat different appearances at birth, they will always keep certain facial characteristics that may be used to tell them apart.

But there are times when getting out into nature might be just what you need to unwind. Identical twins are expected to have a physical and mental likeness with their sibling.

While each sibling may have a somewhat different appearance at birth, there are certain physical traits that instantly identify them as brothers no matter how different their appearance becomes.

Sometimes, however, a stroll in the park is just what the doctor ordered. In addition to her wavy, light reddish brown hair, Lucy had beautiful blue eyes.

Unlike Mary, who had light brown eyes and hair, Mary was a black lady. Her eyes, like the rest of her, were a rich cocoa.

The mother was from Jamaica, but DNA testing ultimately determined that the father was from the UK. Lucy’s younger siblings all take like their pale dad in terms of complexion.

Like many pairs of adolescent sisters, there is a great deal of personality variation among the three girls.

Unlike Mary, who prefers pastels, Lucy dresses as if she were going to a performance, with dark hues and plenty of makeup.

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