The dwarf family has found fame and fortune despite their little stature by becoming Instagram sensations

The Australian family known as the Worgans have gone viral after they joined the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Together, Charlie, 27, and her husband Cullen, 29, have a daughter, and they are expecting their second child.

The love between Charlie and Cullen is very unique. It’s a known truth that they’re both complete idiots.

Charlie’s height is only 127 cm; Cullen is slightly taller than his wife – his height is 10 cm more.

Charlie and Cullen’s lives are rich and full despite this. Their first child, a daughter, was born two years ago. It was decided to name the newborn Tilba.

The child has a case of achondroplasia much like her mom. The physicians saw this right after the baby girl was born.

Charlie is expecting again, and this time she’s being honest about the health issues that plagued her last pregnancy.Charlie and her spouse haven’t let this dampen their spirits.

In spite of all the dwarves trying to stop us, we always manage to succeed. We’re just regular individuals who want to have fun.

Our days are filled with adventures, workouts, and beach time.

Our height does not prevent us from feeling happy” – this is the caption of the Uorgan spouses left under the photo on the social media.

The two, Charlie and Cullen, are no strangers to criticism.

Yet the vast majority of fans back Charlie and Cullen in their quest for domestic bliss. Well, let’s hope that the Australian couple and their children have a prosperous future.

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