The clever feline Liu brings her owner’s shoes to her each morning as a way of saying thank you for adopting her

Cat adoption will soon be on your to-do list after viewing this adorable feline’s way of saying thank you to her rescuers.

Finally settled into her new home, Liu the kitty wore her human’s shoes every single day. Liu was in bad health when he arrived at the shelter.

Even when she seemed healthy for a few weeks, no one wanted to adopt her.Her adoptive parents, Kaya and her mother, were instantly smitten with her.

They had no idea how quickly they were going to be shocked. The mother and her family took great care of the new baby.

Liu seemed to be much better after just a short period.

As she was getting ready to leave the house, one of the adoptive parents saw their beloved pet take her slippers with her.

It was a gesture of gratitude for saving her life, and it was unmistakably nice. A pattern of behavior was established for the beautiful animal as a result of this event.

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