The actor’s son has shared a new photo of Alain Delon’s renowned family, who all met for the first time on Christmas Day 53 years ago

Worldwide, the weeks running up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve are times for people to get together with loved ones they haven’t seen in a while.

During the Christmas season, reunited families may reestablish ties that may have been broken over the years.

Recent examples include actor Anthony Delon, who patched things up with his famous parents.

Anthony’s parents, Alain and Natalie Delon, are both well-known actors. After his marriage to Natalie ended in divorce in 1968, the French actor pledged never to remarry.

The actor broke up with long-time lover Romy Schneider in order to be with Natalie.

Together, they had son Anthony in 1964, and by 1967, they were co-starring in one of Delon’s most successful films, Samurai.

It was clear from the outset that their marriage would never work out, and in 1968 they officially split up.

Through most of his life, Alain Delon was involved with Mireille Dark.

For Natalie, a new life began when she moved to the United States from Australia in search of better job prospects and personal fulfilment.

Finally, in 2006, when Natalie Delon published Really shouldn’t Cry, It’s Not Scary, the world was able to cease its uncontrollable sobbing.

The year before last, Anthony Delon posted a photo of his young parents from a moment in the film Samurai on Reddit.

Furthermore, he has just signed and shared a brand new photo of his parents to his adoring public: «Feelings that are permanent and unmovable.

There has been a total of 53 years.»

The older and younger Delons, seen here with an accompanying photo and message, spent the holidays together in Paris.

Natalie Delon will be 80 in August, while Alain Delon will be 85 in November. Their son, Anthony, turned 56 in September.

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