The 19-year-old mother of a newborn girl gave delivery 10 hours after the first misdiagnosis of her pain as a stomachache

Where does it leave a contemporary woman of 19 who is engaged to a young man? Everyone is pleased in her world, and there are endless parties and lots of noise.

Morgan slept over at Tom’s one night after one of these times and woke her lover up in the middle of the night with a horrible stomachache.

They tried pain medicines, but they didn’t work, so the young couple headed to the emergency room.

At that point, I was really shocked. Acute appendicitis was the worst-case scenario for which the girl was most ready. However, they decided to check for pregnancy anyhow.

The medical staff was unwavering in their convictions, but those convictions were well-founded. The young lady was not only expecting a child but also giving birth.

It was hard for Morgan to imagine she had gone nine months without knowing anything. Due to difficulties with her menstrual cycle, she was probably unaware that she was pregnant.

Tom knew them when they were 13 and they planned to be married and have a family by the time they were 25. The unexpected good news made the young guy so thrilled that he couldn’t contain himself.

The baby was delivered ten hours later, and the young father had been by Morgan’s side the entire time.

Her shocked new parents felt like the happiest people in the earth with the birth of a fully healthy baby daughter.

«It was the finest shock in our life and confirmed even more than we were already in love,» the young parents said of becoming parents.

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