Enige is the biggest feline in the world. The 350-pound tiger-lion cross is a tiger-lion hybrid
In terms of size, the tiger-lion crossbreed known as Enige is the biggest cat. Although he’s big, he retains a kind disposition despite his intimidating appearance. After a
Photographer could not help but giggle at the lion’s distinctive look
The Lord of Creatures, like any other creature, has its share of problems and oddities. We may call this lion intriguing since he seems to be unusually careless.
Leopard cubs are adopted and raised by Mother Iioness, who treats them like one of her own offspring
«They compete with one another,» according to a book authored by animal behaviorist Stota Chakrabati. Because they are continually at odds, it seems. For a very long time,
A zoo employee’s attempt to free a lion from its cage
If you’ve ever seen a baby animal, you know that it may be terrifying. As far as lionesses go, there is more to it than just being the
At a national park, this couple of lions is shown laughing. This is an incredible sight
Who comes to mind when you think of lions when you hear the word «lion?» The magnificent mane and roar are undeniable. They have a strict set of
A Ukrainian lion was found in a minibus in South Africa and was given a new lease on life by the villagers who took him in as their own
A number of lions that have been transported from Ukraine to a temporary habitat in South Africa have been said to be ‘totally embracing’ their new environment. Following
After falling from a tree, a little lion cub quickly makes his way to his father for comfort
We all need solace to help us forget our worries and go on with our lives. Sometimes animals go through bad patches too, just like humans. Having loved
When a lion heard the clamor of buffalo footsteps approaching, it allegedly kept watch in a tree
Sight study took done at Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park. Rare photos of a buffalo tussling with a cub lion were taken by 39-year-old photographer Neelutpaul Barua. The
See the heartwarming moment a guy who saved two cubs seven years ago tracked them down to reunite with them in the video below
When a human cares for an animal, that connection deepens. Samuel Richardson is an example of someone who has made saving and protecting animals his life’s work. The
A pride of lions came at the restaurant just as a group of hungry visitors were ready to sit down
Because of its abundance of unique wildlife, notably the regal lion, South Africa has gained international renown. Rarely does a huge lion show up for a buffet party