See the heartwarming moment a guy who saved two cubs seven years ago tracked them down to reunite with them in the video below

When a human cares for an animal, that connection deepens. Samuel Richardson is an example of someone who has made saving and protecting animals his life’s work.

The lioness abandoned her cubs, which he saw. Sam would definitely approach the cubs and offer to help.

Even though he had the option of taking the cubs and bringing them to the zoo, he decided to leave them with their mother instead.

The institution is dedicated to preparing animals for life in the wild, free from human interference. Sam finally decided to see the creatures he had saved.

Fearing they wouldn’t recognise him, he stepped back. By going up to them, he was able to photograph their reaction.

It seemed like the lion was going to approach Sam. She embraced him like a bear and dived headfirst into the water. Sam has a profound connection to these lions.

The passage of time and distance are irrelevant to their unbreakable bond.

Sam insisted that the cubs had been exposed to him for sufficient time for them to feel comfortable with him and gain his confidence.

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