A Ukrainian lion was found in a minibus in South Africa and was given a new lease on life by the villagers who took him in as their own

A number of lions that have been transported from Ukraine to a temporary habitat in South Africa have been said to be ‘totally embracing’ their new environment.

Following their arrest, Simba and Mir were sent to a neighboring animal sanctuary, where they are now being cared for as the Kenyan authorities work to locate and reunite them with their families.

I’ve had the opportunity to rescue animals from considerably worse conditions than the ones they are now in, even if zoos aren’t absolutely necessary in our society.

Due to the kind support of our community, we have been able to provide them with a temporary home.

«There is a little formality that has to be completed before they can go on their voyage to South Africa,» he said.

Lions have spent the most of their lives in zoos, where they have never lain on grass or been exposed to rain.

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