After falling from a tree, a little lion cub quickly makes his way to his father for comfort

We all need solace to help us forget our worries and go on with our lives. Sometimes animals go through bad patches too, just like humans.

Having loved ones to lean on for solace and understanding is also crucial. This cub lion doesn’t stand out from the others.

When he fell from the tree, he injured his head and required someone to hold it for him. He had a natural intuition about the best place to look.

Sonia Rousseau, a French wildlife photographer, caught the dramatic moment a young lion leaped from a tree for the first time.

The youngster seemed to be in agony, but his or her response and subsequent acts were the source of great mirth. While stumbling out of the tree, he felt an overwhelming sense of shame for what he had done.

Upon landing, he made a beeline for his father’s waiting arms.

When asked about his outlook on life, the photographer said, «the morning I shot this picture was really great,» adding that he is «always optimistic» about what can occur.

The youngster was poised high in the tree branches as we approached. He hung from the tree by his front legs for a while before dropping to all fours and racing to his father for comfort.

You can see from the photos that the cub was trying to unwind by climbing a tree, but he ended up falling to the ground.

The next image shows the father lion tenderly holding his newborn cub.I hope you would send these images to your loved ones to make them smile.

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