Leopard cubs are adopted and raised by Mother Iioness, who treats them like one of her own offspring

«They compete with one another,» according to a book authored by animal behaviorist Stota Chakrabati.

Because they are continually at odds, it seems. For a very long time, people have accepted these types of presumptions as true.

When she took in a juvenile leopard as a foster pet, everything looked bleak.

It is quite uncommon for a leopard cub to be adopted by a member of another species, yet this is exactly what happened in this instance.

When the cub was born, the lioness mother spent a long period nurturing and caring for it.

In spite of mom already having a huge number of kittens from previous lion species, the new leopard was greeted gladly.

Many observers had believed that the link would only persist for a few days based on Dr. Chakrabati’s statements. This continued for the next month and a half thereafter.

Dr. Chakrabati said that he was happy with the lions’ treatment of him throughout his rehabilitation.

«By far the most eloquent representation of animal character,» says an expert who has studied the park’s lions for seven years.

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