You won’t believe your eyes: she went from being a grandma of 60 to a breathtaking beauty in only a few short years

The old adage «looks is not everything» is something most of us have heard at some point. That’s true, at least to some degree.

To be sure, one’s outward look is not to be disregarded, especially by the women. However, when women take the time to dress well and apply makeup, they instantly gain confidence.

On the other hand, if your roots are never-ending or your clothes are excessively tight, your mood will be in a perpetual state of flux.

The role of this stylist is to give women a new sense of confidence and pleasure with themselves.

Diane, now 60, finally went to see him after ignoring her health for quite some time. As a consequence, people began to assume she was much older than she really was.

When Christophe proposed drastically changing Diane’s look, she agreed and placed her faith in the master.

The short hair was groomed, then given a subtle tint at the roots.

Diane’s face was much enhanced by this shade, thus she rocked it for a long time in style.

The photo then received digitally applied makeup to complete the effect. After some while, though, she began to talk cheerfully and remarked, «I had no idea I could be so wonderful!» ’

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