Belmondo’s daughter, now 17 years old, has a striking likeness to her father. Explore these stunning images

Many people delay having children until they are well into adulthood. However, a new trend has emerged in which people are opting to have families at ages traditionally associated with grandparenthood.

Actor extraordinaire Jean-Paul Belmondo found himself in this same predicament.

His daughter was born while he was in his seventies. Isn’t that a decent age?

The mother of the baby girl was a lady named Tardivel Natty. As a 37-year-old, she had her first kid. It’s hardly shocking that this news item has generated so much interest among journalists.

No one predicted that Belmondo would have a child at such a mature age. Nobody. The renowned actor has shown his happiness at becoming a dad to his little kid by saying that many times.

He loves nothing more than to just hang out with his daughter Stella.

JeanPaul is dedicated to being there for Stella in any way he can, and he wants to do more to involve himself in her life. Associates say that his daughter much like her wonderful dad.


These adjectives are not often used to describe a person’s physical characteristics. Stella is an exact duplicate of her father JeanPaul. She is very courageous, has an iron will, and is implacable.

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