You’ll never know if you don’t try, the 71-year-old said

It should be noted that not everyone considers Rosa Saito to be the hottest model working today. She tried her hand at becoming a model when she was seventy-one

She debunked the idea that superficial charm is all that counts. Rosa Saito, a model, thinks her age is only a number.

Rosa Saito and her Japanese parents emigrated to Brazil when she was five years old. They first settled in the city of Aractula in the state of São Paulo.

She had an early appreciation for the arts, which she first demonstrated in classroom performances. When asked about it, Rosa commented, «I was the only student who illustrated the whole classroom wall.

Rosa is hurting just as much as the rest of us. While her peers were out at college or working, she was taking care of her sick mother. In 2000, she lost her spouse, leaving behind three young children. She’s been a single parent ever since.

She found relief from her stresses via gardening. Learning about oneself is crucial. For me, they are the source of peace (plants). Rosa said, «I talk to them in my garden.»

In spite of her creativity, Rosa never considered herself a model, particularly at her young age. Because of an unplanned encounter with two modeling scouts, she signed with their agency.

«Three times I worked in the fashion industry, twice in major modeling agencies, and once as a photographer. You have to pay for it, after all. Rosa said, «I wasn’t going in blind.»

Even though she lacked experience, Rosa tried her hand at modeling at the ripe old age of 68. She met her end because she dared to be bold.

She has identified her true calling and is working toward it. To facilitate pronunciation, Setsuko Saito was reduced to Rosa Saito.

Rosa is conscious about maintaining her tall, trim frame. When she was a kid, she never took an aspirin.She believes that the current stringent regulations in the beauty business are temporary.

«To put it mildly, progress is sluggish for us. To accommodate the rising number of senior individuals who are improving their health and independence, businesses will need to broaden their customer base.»

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