A special wheelchair has given hope to a young horse born with a disability so that she may finally trot and gallop

A tiny horse born without hind legs has been given the opportunity to go around again with the help of a custom-built wheelchair. Tulip is a shelter regular.

These animals are provided with the necessary medical attention and emotional assistance.

The little horse Tulip has had a medical issue from birth. This limited his mobility to a hunched position, with his weight shifted forward onto his forelegs.

Although, the shelter did their best to make his stay as comfortable as possible.

The shelter’s founder says that Tulip, even as a baby, has a wonderful and forceful disposition. His expression betrays an overwhelming want to remain.

After learning this, the employees felt obligated to help him in any way they could.

Tulip’s Instagram post was discovered by a company that manufactures devices for disabled animals. They sent workers to the homeless shelter, where they fitted Tulip for a customized wheelchair.

Before she could finish securing the wheelchair, Tulip had already begun to sprint away from her in a gleeful flurry.

The workers were moved by Tulip’s joy. Tulip requires extensive medical care. The kid has our best hopes for a speedy recovery.

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