Let’s find out who a little child considered to be her closest friend

Katy has such a deep appreciation for horses that he refuses to consider a world without them, even keeping a few as roommates.

The girl and her horse have been best friends since they were little and often take part in equestrian activities together.

During the day, Jerssy and the little girl spend a lot of time together; sometimes, even the child’s mother would let them play inside.

There are, of course, certain regulations, such as the fact that Jerssy is not allowed to leave the living room.

Despite Mom’s strict regulations, Katy and Jerssy have broken them on many times.

While Ashly was preoccupied, Jerssy and Katy disappeared. After a quick investigation, she found out that the young girl’s room had been transformed into a party venue.

The young lady snuck into her closest friend’s room so that they could spend some quality time together without being interrupted as they played with one other’s favorite toys.

Jerssy’s love for her little friend guarantees that they’ll keep finding cute and funny ways to hang together in unexpected places.

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