The owner didn’t give up on her pet until the very end, even though she was unable to save her horse from the mud

Nicole Graham went out on her weekly Sunday evening horseback ride around the countryside. It got off to a good start, with the sun warming things up, the wind blowing, and nobody else in sight.

But all of a sudden, the horse slipped and plunged into a dangerous marsh. Nicole dismounted to assist the man, but her efforts were futile.

Astro, who weighed about 500 kg, was unable to stand without his owner’s assistance. He was desperately trying to escape, and his fear was showing.

However, the horse’s panic just made its position worse, and it was soon pulled further and deeper into the muck. The lady tried to raise and pull out her cat, but neither method helped.

She did her best to prevent the muck from covering the horse’s face. Thus Nicole saved his life at the last minute. Three hours passed while the horse and its rider battled against the possibility of drowning without any outside assistance.

Finally, however, they saw a native. He instinctively ran to help them and started the rescue.

After many hours, rescuers came and, with the aid of a tractor and dozens of others, swiftly extracted the horse.

Both Miss Graham and her Astro have been working extremely hard, and as a result, they are both exhausted. It took a long time and an injection to let the lady relax.

But after a nap at home, Nicole scrubbed off the swamp muck off her beloved pet and herself.These events in our past should serve as a reminder to keep going and help one another out.

Astro’s owner was very resilient, and that ensured the horse’s survival.

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