Single-legged cows are inseparable from turtles, and vice versa

Leonardo was able to find a new home thanks to the closing of a Bangkok zoo. Thanks to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Leonardo was able to find a new home in 2013. (WFFT).

Every animal at this shelter is given individual care. Leonardo’s house has been well maintained. Even worse, while the turtle was adjusting to its new environment, its core got infected with a baby cow.

The calf made its first public appearance in February 2016. The baby’s curiosity prevailed, and he or she made its way through the vines.»

His right paw was in terrible shape as soon as he received care. Doctors had to amputate the arm in order to preserve it.

WFFT volunteers took in this guy and helped him build a prosthetic limb so he could walk and jump again.

This is what he went by: Simon. At a shelter, he’d live with another animal of the same species. In spite of his uncertainty, Simon had already selected where to settle down in the future.

WFFT officials placed him in an open-air cage until he heals from his injuries. The aim all along was to bring two additional rescued cows with him to a clearing.

Leonardo, an inquisitive calf, then approached him. A «first impressions» love and friendship situation!With Leonardo, Simon is said to have a strong bond.

According to tradition, the whole squad eats and drinks together on a regular basis. «We are thrilled to see where this partnership leads!» says the remark.

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