Observe the Canadian parents, both 45, as they bring up their child

To introduce myself, I’m Stephanie. The man she married was almost half her age. She was in her early twenties.

Despite their huge differences, they are happy and believe fate brought them together. They were the proud parents of a baby boy.They have learned to tune out the world and it has made them happy.

Almost four years ago, the two of them met at a local lady hangout. She is a student at the same institution as his eldest child.

The 70-year-old man has the appearance of a much younger man. In all likelihood, love is to blame. He’s resurrected. He’s got a miracle and a young, beautiful wife.

They both remember knowing from the moment they laid eyes on one another that they were meant to be together. Quickly they tied the knot.  Within a short period of time, they identified a mutual need.

Understandably, their loved ones back home were devastated. After understanding that they were in need of a family, they were able to endure their marriage.

There are many people who have heard this narrative who continue to speak poorly about them. There is indignation among them.

Anger may blind people to the soul-damaging power of words. They have a fixed set of beliefs and cannot tolerate any changes from them.

She claims to be the target of constant abuse. She has a reputation for being a business-savvy woman who only dates wealthy guys.

She is offended by this, whether she is reading it or hearing it, but she will not allow malicious speech to disrupt the household.

Providing the youngster with a comprehensive image of the family, they document special occasions and create photographs. They put their family above everything else.

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