No one was expecting Keanu Reeves to show up at the wedding to give his congrats, so they were all taken aback when he did

The picturesque grounds of the Northampton Hotel served as the setting for this couple’s wedding. Lucky for them, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves was also staying at the same hotel.

On the night before his wedding, the groom was drinking at the hotel bar when he happened to meet a famous actor or actress.

The groom nonetheless invited his favorite actor as a joke despite knowing the celebrity would never accept.

A hotel worker called the bride as everyone was celebrating to tell her that a VIP visitor had arrived to offer her congratulations.

In attendance was actor Keanu Reeves. The bride freely said, «I was extremely frightened.» All signs point to Keanu Reeves being there.

I welcomed him and extended an offer of liquid refreshment, but he politely declined, explaining that he still had a long journey ahead of him.

His demeanor was exemplary of a decent man. When he congratulated us on our wedding, it came from the bottom of his heart.

The actor took some time to congratulate the newlyweds, pose for photos, and chat with partygoers.In the eyes of each spouse, this disaster would forever change their lives.

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